Through counter systems

If you withdraw money at the bank counter, refuel at night or buy a ticket for the mountain railway in the Alps, the chances are good that you will come into contact with security technology from INTECH-ICS AG. Whether receipt trays, payment sliders, police, porter and night counters, money or luggage locks.

We develop, produce and sell security products that are tested and certified in accordance with the latest international security guidelines: burglar, bullet and fire retardant. With us you will not only find standard products. Depending on the customer's wishes, facade counters or counter counters are created in compliance with the requirements. We are constantly striving to deliver security from a single source.

Here you will find all products from simple pass-through troughs and sliding troughs to complex complete systems including case locks or counter windows. Our security specialists will be happy to support and advise you in choosing the right item.

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  • Pass-through trough Payment trough model 12
    Durchgabemulde Zahlmulde Modell 12
  • Sliding tray model 20
    Schiebemulde Modell 20
  • Sliding tray model 20 late
    Schiebemulde Modell 20 spaet