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3-way lock P 6200

Diese Personenschleuse P 6050 gewährleistet den kontrollierten Zugang in Bereiche, die der ständigen Gefahr ausgesetzt sind.

Artikelnummer:  64193

3-way people separation sluice P 6200

Due to the 3 revolving doors, access or exit to different areas can be controlled with the cylindrical P6200 lock. Customers are thus automatically directed to different business or company areas. At airports, for example, VIP and publicly accessible areas can be separated. Security checks can be carried out.

Properties of the 3-way P 6200 pedestrian isolation gate

  • Example: Entrances to court, visitor entrance to prison, police stations, security companies, banking institutions
  • Installation: indoor and protected outdoor areas in masonry, facades or partition walls
  • External dimensions: W x D x H = 1,500 x 1,334 x 2,400 mm

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Supplier : SITEC GmbH

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