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Battery-buffered power supply unit PLG

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Artikelnummer:  69002-109PLG060-5B

In the event of a power failure on the primary side, the buffered DC power supply of the PLG series uses external lead or gel batteries of up to 38 Ah to maintain the 24V DC supply. If the mains voltage is available, the PLG makes the output voltage UA available and charges the battery or maintains its charge. The load current is independent of the charging status of the battery. The microprocessor-controlled charging process with I-U characteristic ensures that the battery is charged as gently as possible. The output side is protected by the short-circuit and overload resistance of the output current.

LED displays enable easy diagnosis of the status.

We also offer various pre-assembled battery packs that are ideal for use with the PLG.

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Supplier: Elektra-Elektronik GmbH & Co. Störcontroller KG

Rated input voltage 110/230VAC; 220VDC
Input voltage range 90 - 264VAC; 47-63Hz
Rated input current (at full load) 1.8A @ ​​115VAC
1A @ 230VAC
max. inrush current 60 A @ 230 VAC for < 1 ms
30 A @ 115 VAC for < 1 ms
Leakage current (L1,N à earth) < 200µA
Efficiency in mains operation > 83% at nominal output power
Rated output voltage 24VDC
Rated output current 1.25A @ 1.2A charge current
2.2A @ 250mA charge current
Mains operation
Output voltage UO 24.2VDC ±2%
Max. output current with fully
charged battery
buffer mode
Output voltage UOB 23.3VDC ±2%
max output current 1.25A

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