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HCU500 measurement technology

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HCU500 measurement technology

Mobile diagnosis and adjustment unit
- Signal analysis of analog Sin / Cos encoders
- Gear analysis (vertical runout, tooth defect)
- Documentation (service, QA)
- Administration of data / modes for self-adjustment
- Reading out the encoder memory: electronic nameplate, monitoring data, operating hours counter, encoder-specific comments

The mobile HCU500 diagnosis and adjustment unit is characterized by a simple, user-oriented operating concept, which was designed for service use:

HCU500 measurement technology

- Operation via touch screen
- Self-explanatory icons
- Simple menu navigation
- Approx. 8h battery life

The HCU500 analyzes the signals from analog Sin / Cos rotary encoders in detail. In addition, the quality of the encoder wheel (magnet or gearwheel) is assessed
In connection with the VS sensor technology rotary encoders of the AM series (PuV interface), the following functions can be used:
- Reading out the operating hours counter
- Reading out of the data logger (monitoring)
- Readout of stored additional information
- Configuration of the self-adjustment modes
- Self-adjustment

For quality assurance, the measured signal values ​​and readout encoder parameters can be saved, which can be imported into a PC at a later point in time with the help of the integrated USB interface.
A holding magnet is integrated in the robust plastic housing of the HCU. This allows the HCU500 to be placed on the machine wall.

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