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LobiX 5000 base

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LobiX 5000 Basis

The I / O module LobiX Basis can be equipped with up to 16 digital and / or analog expansion modules. The Ethernet I / O-LobiX basic system is equipped with:

  • 2 digital inputs
  • 1 digital output

Properties of the LobiX 5000 Basis

LobiX 5000 is designed to transmit digital or analog I / O signals via Ethernet or the Internet. The LobiX 5000 can easily be integrated into existing systems and adapted to a wide variety of conditions using the web interface. Thanks to its compact design, it can be installed both decentrally on the machine and centrally in the control cabinet. The flexible parameterization of the LobiX 5000 reduces the installation and integration effort and increases the interference immunity. The LobiX 5000 is optimized for smart data transmission and is therefore extremely versatile. It is compatible with a wide variety of decentralized stations such as controls, microcontrollers, PLCs, I / O systems and / or industrial PCs. With this module, machines, solar and wind parks can be controlled or measured values ​​can be transmitted.

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