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LPN LD-1 level monitoring

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LPN LD-1 level monitoring

Designed for LoRaWAN: An optical sensor monitors the level of the dirty water in the siphon pot.

Siphons must have a certain fill level so that no smoke gases enter the building through the siphons, especially in the event of a fire. Up until now, time-consuming and costly inspection rounds were necessary to visually check the fill levels. The level detector with LoRaWAN® enables the automatic monitoring of the fill levels and thus offers optimal security.

Properties of LPN LD-1 level monitoring

- Compact design, low installation effort
- Battery life up to 5 years, depending on the monitoring interval
- Logging of the fill levels
- Installation on drain plates of various siphon makes possible
- Robust and leak-proof design, simplest Installation
- Splashproof IP65
- Completely maintenance-free
- Easy cleaning

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Supplier : Comtac AG

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