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LPN TSM transformer station monitor

Artikelnummer:  71015

LPN TSM transformer station monitor

Designed for LoRaWAN: Transmission of operating status and error messages from transformer stations

A large number of transformer stations in the distribution network are still operated "blindly". The TSM records most of the relevant measured values ​​and messages for monitoring the operating status and the transmission of error and alarm messages. This makes it possible to identify load flows and operating conditions, minimize the risk of failure and shorten downtimes. The compact design and simple configuration enables transformer stations to be equipped and retrofitted with comparatively little effort.

Properties of LPN TSM transformer station monitor

- Compact design, low installation effort
- LoRa® radio technology and external antenna
- also reaches unfavorable locations
- Configuration via USB interface
- Short-circuit / earth fault detection
- Low voltage / current measurement and limit value monitoring
- Switch and fuse status reports
- Transformer and room temperature monitoring
- Expandable via Modbus RTU interface
- Backup supply in the event of a power failure

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Supplier : Comtac AG

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