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Magnetic rotary encoders, robust and high-resolution

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Magnetic rotary encoders, robust and high-resolution

With our incremental rotary encoders, a gear wheel is scanned magnetically, i.e. without contact. This results in a robust, dirt-resistant and durable solution for the precise detection of angle of rotation and speed, e.g. in drive motors of machine tools and test benches.

Thanks to the use of closed metal housings and a powerful bias magnet system, our rotary encoders are characterized by a high level of immunity to mechanical, electrical and magnetic interference. Such disturbances can be, for example: Vibration, shock, ESD influence or external magnetic fields in synchronous motors.

Features Magnetic rotary encoders, robust and high-resolution

- Magnetic, non-contact scanning of gears made of steel
- Analog 1 Vpp SIN/COS output signals
- Alternative: TTL or HTL signals
- Signal duplication by integrated interpolation electronics
- Automatic amplitude stabilization
- High-resolution measurement of speed and angle of rotation up to more than 100,000 rpm
- Suitable for HSC applications (high speed cutting)
- Detection of direction of rotation
- Temperature stable up to 100 °C (option up to 120 °C )
- High EMC and ESD stability (up to 30 kV)
- I2C interface for setting the signal parameters if required
- Robust metal housing
- Safety integrated certified

Accessories Magnetic rotary encoders, robust and high-resolution

For the realization of individual requirements, the user has a wide range of accessories available:
- target wheels: module M = 0.3 or M = 0.5 in standard design or according to specifications
- construction of the encoder housing: different Standard versions or as specified
- Different types of signal lines and temperature cables
- Connection kit: various standard versions or as specified
- External converter boxes, e.g. for signal digitization or signal duplication (interpolation)
- USB boxes for setting the signal parameters via I2C interface if required
- USB measuring boxes for quality control and mobile service to analyze the encoder signals and the gear wheel quality

Product continuity Magnetic rotary encoders, robust and high-resolution

Magnetic gear encoders are characterized by a long service life. If a spindle is repaired today, it is quite possible that the corresponding rotary encoders have already been discontinued. On the other hand, it can happen that you want to continue producing a spindle with a proven design, but the matching encoders are no longer available. For these cases, VS Sensorik offers a large number of encoders, which also ensure product continuity for the future:
- VS Sensorik: Encoders from the MGK2M, KWG2M, KWG2D and RGK2M series are still available or mechanically compatible versions are available Available
- Siemens: Mechanically compatible versions are available for the encoders of the SIZAG and SIMAG series
- Encoder compatibility with all common gearwheel types with a module M = 0.3 or M = 0.5, especially with regard to the Construction of the reference mark
- Encoders for gears with a module M = 0.8 or M = 1.0 are available (e.g. replacement of the FP-210)

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Supplier: VS Sensorik AG

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