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Magnetic proximity switches

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Magnetic proximity switches

Magnetic proximity switches selectively recognize switching marks made of ferromagnetic steel. Non-magnetic materials do not influence the function of the proximity switches.
The encoders are characterized by their robustness, high switching frequencies and high temperature stability. By using closed metal housings, almost any pressure resistance can be achieved.
Distance sensors with a resolution in the micrometer range are available on request. These are a combination of the magnetic operating principle of the proximity switches with low-noise, analog signal electronics.

Features of magnetic proximity switches

- Selective detection of ferromagnetic switching marks
- Pressure resistance up to 1,000 bar, also dynamic
- Switching distance up to 8 mm - in addition on request
- Flush or non-flush installation possible
- Supply voltage up to 60 VDC
- Current carrying capacity optionally up to 300 mA
- Working temperature -60… 125 ° C - in addition on request
- High temperature shock resistance
- Comparatively extremely short response time (switching frequency up to 15 kHz)
- Closed, pressure-resistant metal housing
- Resistance to oils, salts, alkalis, acids
- Suitable for industrial cleaning with water or steam jets
- High vibration and shock resistance

Applications of magnetic proximity switches

- Piston detection in hydraulic cylinders
- Drive units of vehicles and ships
- Detection of ferromagnetic parts through walls made of, for example, aluminum, magnesium, stainless steel
- Aviation
- Highly dynamic distance measurement with a resolution in the micrometer range < / p>

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