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P 6180 security gate

Diese Personenschleuse P 6050 gewährleistet den kontrollierten Zugang in Bereiche, die der ständigen Gefahr ausgesetzt sind.

Artikelnummer:  64077

P 6180 security gate

This oval security gate ensures controlled access to court and justice buildings, security companies, data centers, industrial companies that are exposed to the constant risk of attacks and assaults. Despite the massive design, the P 6180 looks inviting and elegant with its large glass surfaces and narrow profiles. The P 6180 offers a spacious interior, which can also be designed to be handicapped accessible, especially in entrance areas where great importance is placed on space comfort. On request, e.g. to secure high-security areas such as correctional facilities or court buildings, the P 6180 security gate can be equipped with a metal detector that is inconspicuously integrated into the outer door. When entering the lock, visitors are checked for weapons and metallic objects. If the visitor carries this with them, the opposite door does not open and a voice prompt with the request to leave the lock sounds.

P 6180 security gate

  • Example: jewelers, hotels, entrances to public buildings, companies, banks
  • Installation: indoor and protected outdoor areas in masonry, facades or partition walls
  • External dimensions: W x D x H = 1,500 x 1,900 x 2,350 mm
  • Optional: with control option to prevent a second person from being smuggled in

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Supplier : SITEC GmbH

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