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TBox MS RTU remote maintenance

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Artikelnummer:  64192-MS-CPU32-S2


TBox MS is the result of 30 years of experience in the telemetry industry and offers you everything you need to create powerful yet economical SCADA and control applications.TBox MS is a market-leading modular remote control and automation solution that uses the latest web server technology to provide real-time access and control of your website, as well as multi-communication capability, access to historical data and trend maps, and innovative push technology for instant notifications.The 'plug and go' technology within TBox MS allows you to distribute your complete site configuration on an SD card or via USB connections so your maintenance team can deploy it without turning on a computer.The TBox MS system includes:

  • Integrated web server technology eliminating the need for complex SCADA software and costly HMI displays.
  • Innovative push technology for instant notifications that allows you to keep key employees in the loop and reduce overhead.
  • Real-time access to alarm management logs.
  • Possibility to connect multiple clients to the same TBox MS device.
  • Intelligent alarm management with instant notifications for multiple recipients, built-in escalation and scheduled team reporting.
  • Integrated cyber security suite.
  • A robust, all-alloy construction.
The specifications:
  • Industrial grade RTU.
  • 32-bit 400MHz ARM9 processor.
  • 32MB NOR Flash, 64MB DDR2 SDRAM, 1MB SRAM memory.
  • 3 x USB, Ethernet, Serial (RS-232/RS-485) communication options.
  • LinuxRT operating system
  • Supported languages ​​include ladder logic, basic and function blocks (IEC 61131-3), and optional C/C++ add-ons.

Additional information about the product TBox MS RTU remote maintenance

Manufacturer: Ovarro LD Ltd

More information about TBox MS32 RTU

MS-CPU32-S2 TBox-MS 32-bits ARM9 CPU (Linux) module with 2 Ethernet ports + 1 RS232 + 1 RS485 + 3x USB
MS REDUN Optional redundancy function for second MS-CPU32-S2 in the same rack (license).
Power supply
MS-PS-DCN DC power supply -48 VDC (-60.-24VDC) or +24VDC (+8.+30VDC) with battery charger (90mA) + 24VDC output - 30 watt power
MS-PS230V AC power pack 230VAC (85.265VAC) or 90.375VDC isolated with battery charger (90mA) + 24VDC output - 15 Watt power
MS-PS-AC30W AC power pack 230VAC (85.265VAC) or 90.375VDC isolated without battery charger + 24VDC output - 30 watts output power
MS CHARGER 2A charger module for charging large external 12VDC lead-acid batteries.Including automatic battery maintenance
MS-16DI 16 digital inputs, 24/48VDC, isolated 8/8
MS-10DI-HS 10 digital inputs High speed counting up to 50Khz - Isolated 1/1
MS-48DI 48 digital inputs, 24/48VDC, isolated 12/12 - no LED
MS-16DO 16 digital outputs, 24/48VDC 350mA open collector protected, isolated 8/8
MS-16DIO 16 digital inputs + outputs, 24VDC 350mA open collector protected, isolated 8/8
MS RELAY 8 digital outputs relay, 230VAC 3A, isolated 1/1
MS-4AI420 4 analog inputs 4/20mA, 14bit, electrically isolated 1/1
MS-8AI420 8 analog inputs 4/20mA, 14bit, isolated 1/1
MS-8AIVC-2 24 bit ADC, 8 channels:
- accept 6 channels: 4.20mA, -20.+20mA, -10.+10V
-accept 2 channels: same as above + pt100, pt1000
Runs only on MS-CPU32-S2.
MS-8RTD 24 bit ADC, 8 channels: pt100, pt1000, ni100, ni1000.
Temperature range: -100° .+ 850 °C
Only runs on MS-CPU32-S2.
MS-4AOVC 4 analog outputs, 12bit, 4/20mA, -10V/+10V, active, isolated 1/1
MS-COMBO-1 8DI (isolated 8/8) + 4DO (isolated 4/4) + 3AI (not isolated)
MS-PSTN PSTN 56K modem + 1 RS232 or 1 RS485, non-isolated
MS GSM GSM/GPRS modem + 1 RS232 or 1 RS485, not isolated - antenna NOT included
MS-GSM-4W Cellular M2M Worldwide modem with 12 LTE bands (4G), 7 UMTS/HSPA+ bands (3G) and 4 GPRS/EDGE bands (2G) - no CSD (On Call) + 1 full RS232 or 1 RS485 -Connector for MS-CPU32(-S2)- antenna NOT included.
MS-ETHER-4 Four Ethernet 10/100 BaseT ports switch + 1 IP address
MS SERIAL 2 x RS232/RS485 ports, non-isolated


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