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Logger for water leak detection

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Remote correlating noise loggers for automatic leak detection

The Enigma3m remote correlating sound recorders use 3G / GPRS communication (also expected to be 4G from summer 2020) to remotely locate leaks in water distribution networks. Enigma3m is used in underground chambers and does not require expensive above-ground technology.

Fast leak location

The Enigma3m correlation loggers transmit leak noise data over the 3G or GPRS communication networks on a daily basis. This data is sent to a server. The data provides leak alarms and allows the user to listen to the leak sound, which helps confirm the leak sound. In addition, a correlation of many loggers can be performed in order to precisely locate leak positions. In order to enable precise correlations, the loggers are synchronized daily.

Results of the leak location

PrimeWeb offers a database and an online viewing option for network flow, pressure and leak alarms from XiLog + data loggers, Phocus3 / 3m noise loggers and Enigma3m / 3hyQ correlating noise loggers. It is accessible on any device with internet access. The locations of the loggers can be viewed on Google Maps and programmed to display leak alarms. Historical data is also available. The display of the leak positions on Google Maps together with a "Street View" visualization of the leak position supports the management of leak teams.

Main features

  • Correlation processing for exact leak positions
  • Daily transmission for improved efficiency and reduced leakage time
  • Easy installation
  • No above-ground radio repeaters required
  • Data available anywhere via PrimeWeb in a web browser
  • Logger GPS position saved
  • Embedded roaming SIM for optimal network communication
Manufacturer: Ovarro
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