Shelling classes

The European standard EN 1522 has been in force throughout Europe since the end of 1998 and has since replaced all bulletproof standards in force in the countries up to that point.
The Euro standard applies to all bullet-resistant doors, windows, roller shutters, sliding trays and all other bullet-resistant materials.
The Euro standard EN 1522 also means that the glazing installed in structures must be tested in accordance with the corresponding Euro standard EN 1063. In addition to the weapon and caliber, the Euro standard also specifies the manner in which a bullet test has to be carried out and is divided into 7 bullet classes.

In all tests, attention is paid to whether splinters of material or glass flake off on the inside of the test object.
The test results are therefore given the addition:
S = with splinter outlet
NS = outlet without splinter
In the case of the Euro standard EN 1522, which applies to all bullet-resistant materials, the resistance class from FB1 to FB7 is specified. In the case of glass, which is tested according to the EURO standard EN 1063, the resistance class is differentiated from BR1 to BR7, both with the addition of S or NS. (NS = non splitting, S = splitting)

Resistance classes of all bullet-resistant materials according to EN 1522 and EN 1063

EN 1522 EN 1063

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