Material lock and case lock

We develop, produce and sell locks for the transfer of money and materials. The main area of ​​application is the delivery of money to national banks, financial institutions and value companies. But material locks are also required in industrial companies, such as chip card manufacturers or in data processing companies.
In this section you will find devices that are built into a counter, facade or partition wall.
There are locks for a wide variety of applications and structural conditions. We have many standard solutions - but of course we also manufacture according to customer requirements.
The locks can be supplemented with our intercom or accessories such as transport rollers or suitable transport trolleys.
The locks are available up to the highest security classes in terms of bullet resistance, burglary protection and fire protection. Of course, there are also special solutions here - we would be happy to advise you!
7 products
  • Table-top sluice P 9000
    Auftischschleuse P 9000
  • Suitcase lock model 105
    Kofferschleuse Modell 105
  • Suitcase lock P 9050
    Kofferschleuse P 9050
  • Suitcase lock P 9060
    Kofferschleuse P 9060
  • Material and money lock P 9500
    Material- und Geldschleuse P 9500
  • Wagon lock model 106
    Kofferschleuse Modell 106
  • Car lock P 9045
    Wagenschleuse P 9045