Escape route equipment

We offer special products that can be integrated into an escape route concept. These are connected to the fire alarm system, the escape route terminal or to an external control system. When triggered, the access systems are controlled and moved via the power supply unit or an integrated battery. The additional battery is important so that the system can also work without mains voltage.

In the event of a fire alarm, for example with a 2-arm turnstile, the turnstile swivels under the turnstile body and thus clears the escape route. Revolving doors open 90 ° in the exit direction. Portal turnstiles release the barrier to the outside and can be freely rotated in the exit direction, which enables rapid evacuation. The lock at the entrance is not deactivated and unauthorized persons are also denied access in this case.
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  • Electromechanical folding door
    Elektromechanische Falttür