Lift and slide windows

You can get custom-made, hand-operated and electric sliding and lifting windows from us. The windows can be opened or closed horizontally and vertically at the push of a button, foot switch, remote control or alarm transmitter. All windows close tightly and draft-free, they move quietly and without vibration. Thanks to the intelligent control, customer-specific requests, such as a first stop or automatic closing after a certain time, can be easily programmed. The control is also compatible with existing fire protection systems. Depending on the requirements (e.g. security window), the glasses are integrated in an aluminum, steel or wooden frame.

Whether for a reception in a company, sales counter or a counter window in a public company (e.g. post office), with us you can individually put together your lifting / lowering window or vertical sliding window.

8 products
  • Fire protection sliding window
    Feuerschutz Schiebefenster
  • Lifting window without visible profiles
    Hebefenster ohne sichtbare Profile
  • Thermally insulated lifting window
    Hebefenster wärmegedämmt
  • Lifting / lowering / lifting windows: vertical
    Hubfenster - Senkfenster - Hebefenster - Schiebefesnter - Typ vertikal
  • Mobile windbreak
    Mobiler Windschutz - Café au Lät - verschiebbare Windschutzfenster für Private und Gastronomie
  • Sliding window: horizontal
    Schiebefenster Typ horizontal
  • Safety switch
  • equipment