Pass-through trough

We develop, produce and sell pass-through trays for a wide variety of applications, which are used, for example, in gatekeeping systems, petrol stations, banks, ticket shops, exchange offices, military systems and in industry.
We manufacture hatches up to the highest security classes in terms of bullet resistance, burglary protection and fire protection. We can also offer you gas-tight devices.
In addition to the standard devices shown here, we also deliver special devices according to your wishes and specifications. Please ask.
Of course, we also supply the right hands-free system to enable customer-friendly communication between operator and visitor.
7 products
  • Rotating hatch P 7049
    Dreh-Klappdurchreiche P 7049
  • Rotating hatch P7048
    Dreh-Klappdurchreiche P7048
  • Transfer trough P 7040
    Durchgabemulde P 7040
  • Transfer trough P 7041
    Durchgabemulde P 7041
  • Transfer trough P 7042
    Durchgabemulde P 7042
  • Transfer trough P 7045
    Durchgabemulde P 7045
  • Pass-through trough Payment trough model 12
    Durchgabemulde Zahlmulde Modell 12