Cash register accessories

We have been manufacturing high quality cash drawers for years. Our years of experience in construction and production enable us to build drawers that can cope with the tough demands of everyday life. Due to our manageable size, we can respond flexibly to customer requests at any time. Special requests give us new impulses for further developments and are very welcome.

39 products
  • Cash register insert KE 42E-SF(-D)
    Kasseneinsatz – KE 42E-SF(-D)
  • Cash register insert KE S41-EU80-BF5-D
    Kasseneinsatz – KE S41-EU80-BF5-D
  • Coin tray MU8/2
    Münzmulde MU8/2
  • Coin insert EURO-2002
    Münzeinsatz EURO-2002
  • Coin insert CH-2006
    Münzeinsatz CH-2006
  • Coin stake EUR 7
    Münzeinsatz EUR 7
  • Coin insert CH7
    Münzeinsatz CH7
  • banknote divider plate
  • Banknote clamp BK 1
    Banknoten-Klemme BK 1
  • banknote inserts
  • Cash register insert INKiESS REKORD
    Kasseneinsatz INKiESS REKORD
  • Cash register insert INKiESS MiNiKORD
    Kasseneinsatz INKiESS MiNiKORD
  • single coin cavity
  • coin tray
  • Transport cassette TK 385
    Transportkassette – TK 385
    Normal price
    CHF 207.00 exkl. MWST
    Special Price
    CHF 207.00
    Normal price
    exkl. MWST
    Unit price
    Sold out
  • Transport cassette TK 325
    Transportkassette – TK 325
    Normal price
    CHF 196.00 exkl. MWST
    Special Price
    CHF 196.00
    Normal price
    exkl. MWST
    Unit price
    Sold out
  • Transport Cassette TK-255
    Normal price
    CHF 175.00 exkl. MWST
    Special Price
    CHF 175.00
    Normal price
    exkl. MWST
    Unit price
    Sold out
  • Cash register insert INKiESS RE 84
    Kasseneinsatz INKiESS RE 84
  • Cash register insert KE 85-RE-SF(-D)
    Kasseneinsatz – KE 85-RE-SF(-D)
  • Cash register insert KE 85-BF5(-D)
    Kasseneinsatz – KE 85-BF5(-D)
  • Cash register insert KE 84-3(-D)
    Kasseneinsatz – KE 84-3(-D)
  • Cash register insert KE 84-2(-D)
    Kasseneinsatz – KE 84-2(-D)
  • Cash register insert KE 84-2-SF(-D)
    Kasseneinsatz – KE 84-2-SF(-D)
  • Cash register insert KE 84-2-AD(-D)
    Kasseneinsatz – KE 84-2-AD(-D)
  • Cash register insert KE 54(-D)
    Kasseneinsatz – KE 54(-D)
  • Cash register insert KE 46-LT-D
    Kasseneinsatz – KE 46-LT-D
  • Cash register insert KE 46-7-D
    Kasseneinsatz – KE 46-7-D
  • Cash register insert KE 4522E(-D)
    Kasseneinsatz – KE 4522E(-D)
  • Cash register insert KE 42E-BSF(-D)
    Kasseneinsatz – KE 42E-BSF(-D)
  • Cash register insert KE 42E-BF5(-D)
    Kasseneinsatz – KE 42E-BF5(-D)
  • Cash register insert KE 42E-BF4(-D)
    Kasseneinsatz – KE 42E-BF4(-D)
  • Cash register insert KE S41-SF-D
    Kasseneinsatz – KE S41-SF-D