Hammerglass safety glass

Hammerglass is the new generation of unbreakable glass made of nano-surface treated polycarbonate . A durable and wear-resistant polycarbonate sheet, 300 times stronger than glass and practically unbreakable .

The Hammerglass screens are coated with a thin layer of silicon oxide that protects against scratches and wear and tear. A nanotechnological surface treatment makes Hammerglass resistant to most chemicals, so that graffiti can be easily removed from the surface - and prevents pollutants from exhaust gases, oil and asphalt from sticking to Hammerglass as easily as to ordinary glass.

The surface treatment also offers 99.96% UV protection, which means that the material does not become cloudy, discolored or experience any other change in optical quality over time.

The estimated lifespan is more than 40 years. Hammerglass does not contribute to the spread of flame in the event of a fire. With its numerous positive properties, the certificate of safety class EN 356 P8B and half the weight of conventional glass, Hammerglass is an excellent choice for both new installation and replacement of glass.

20 products
  • Bullet proof glass BR4-NS/BR6-NS
    Beschuss-sicheres Glas BR4-NS/BR6-NS - Hammerglass
  • Explosion-proof glasses EXR1 / EXR2
    Exposionssichere Gläser EXR1 / EXR2 - Hammerglass
  • glass for roofs
    Glas für Dächer - Hammerglass
  • Glass for security devices
    Glas für Sicherheitseinrichtungen - Hammerglass
  • HammerArt: Colors and printing on glasses
    HammerArt: Farben und Bedruckung Gläser - Hammerglass
  • Insulating glass INSULATE P7B and P8B
    Hammerglass Isolierglas INSULATE P7B und P8B
  • wall covering
    Mauerabdeckung - Hammerglass
  • Protective glass for railways
    Schutzglas für Eisenbahnen - Hammerglass
  • Security Window Frame System Add On
    ADD-ON S
  • Safety glass for bridges
    Sicherheitsglas für Brücken - Hammerglass
  • Safety glass for railings
    Sicherheitsglas für Geländer - Hammerglass
  • Safety glass for pedestrian underpass
    Sicherheitsglas für Personenunterführung - Hammerglass
  • Safety glass for travel centers
    Sicherheitsglas für Reisecenter - Hammerglass
  • transparent noise barriers
    transparente Lärmschutzwände - Hammerglass
  • unbreakable mirror
    unzerbrechliche Spiegel - Hammerglass
  • unbreakable glass
    unzerbrechliches Glas -Hammerglass
  • unbreakable glass for information boards
    unzerbrechliches Glas für Informationstafeln - Hammerglass
  • unbreakable glass for public transport waiting room
    unzerbrechliches Glas für öV-Wartehaus - Hammerglass
  • Anti-vandal railings and fall protection
    Vandalismusgeschützte Geländer und Absturzsicherung - Hammerglass
  • weatherproof glass
    Wetterschutzglas von Hammerglass