Turnstiles are access control devices that separate people in access areas. With their help, simple access control, people counting and - in connection with reader systems - access control and the prevention of unauthorized access can be implemented the turnstile in the locked position. When released by the reader system or an optional external manual control, the brake is released and passage in the respective direction is released.

The drive is triggered by light pressure and rotates the star by 120 ° or 240 °. Internal sensors prevent injuries when the turnstile hits the person walking through.
After the passage, the turnstile sends a signal to the reader.
To avoid injuries in the event of panic, a slip clutch allows actuation from 40 kN when it is locked State with the emission of an alarm signal.

When the power is off, the turnstile can be turned manually with little force.
The turnstile can be brought into a barrier-free, open position for operation without control, for passage with bulky items of luggage or for quick clearance of the site , in which both bars remain outside the passage area.

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