Facade counter

We develop, produce and sell facade switches and hatches for a wide variety of applications, which are used, for example, in porter systems, petrol station shops, waste disposal companies, banks, cash registers and in industry.
In this section you will find devices that are built into a facade or a partition wall and that are flush with the facade when closed. To transfer money, material or documents, the employee pushes the trolley either manually or automatically by pressing a button to the outside. Facade switches are primarily used in protected outdoor areas. Of course, we also supply the appropriate hands-free system to enable customer-friendly communication between operator and visitor.
We manufacture facade switches up to the highest security classes in terms of bullet resistance, burglary protection and fire protection. Gas-tight devices are also available. In addition to the standard devices shown here, we also deliver special devices according to your wishes and specifications. Please ask.
10 products
  • Facade car switch P 7091
    Fassaden-Autoschalter P 7091
  • Facade switch P 7080
    Fassadenschalter P 7080
  • Facade switch P 7090
    Fassadenschalter P 7090
  • Facade counter P 7097
    Fassadenschalter P 7097
  • Facade switch P 7097 - Delta
    Fassadenschalter P 7097 - Delta
  • Facade switch P 7097 - folder
    Fassadenschalter P 7097 - Ordner
  • Facade switch P 7097 - folder Delta
    Fassadenschalter P 7097 - Ordner Delta
  • Facade switch P 7195
    Fassadenschalter P 7195
  • Facade switch P 7195 - folder Delta
    Fassadenschalter P 7195 - Ordner Delta
  • Facade counter P 7196
    Fassadenschalter P 7196