Sicurtec machine protection window

Viewing windows for lathes, milling machines and other machine tools prevent workpieces and fragments from being thrown out of the machine's work area. So you protect the user from injuries. On the other hand, our machine disks allow a clear view of the manufacturing process. That is the theory in the area of ​​machine protection. In practice, safety glass only fulfills this task optimally if it can reliably withstand extreme loads and impress with maximum transparency. Which brings us to SICURTEC® machine protection screens.

Because when it comes to safety in the production process, the safety washers for machines from SICURTEC® make no compromises.

5 products
  • Machine guard disc Rotoclear
    Sicherheitsglas und Maschinenschutzscheibe  Rotoclear
  • Machine safety screen Sicurtec Air
    Sicherheitsglas und Maschinenschutzscheibe  Sicurtec Air
  • Machine protection disc Sicurtec Guard
    Sicherheitsglas und Maschinenschutzscheibe  Sicurtec Guard
  • Machine safety pane Sicurtec Pure
    Sicherheitsglas und Maschinenschutzscheibe Sicurtec Pure
  • Safety glass Sicurtec Shield
    Sicherheitsglas Sicurtec Shield