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Bullet proof glass BR4-NS/BR6-NS

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Bulletproof safety glass BR4-NS/BR6-NS - Hammerglass

In an increasingly violent world where gunshots, terrorist attacks, vandalism and burglaries are part of everyday life, the need for modern protection products is increasing. Hammerglass ballistic protection includes unique, lightweight bullet-resistant solutions in the higher protection classes BR4-NS and BR6-NS (No Splinter), combining laminated glass panes with a Hammerglass pane to achieve the lowest possible weight and thickness . With our many years of experience and extensive knowledge, we actively develop personal protective equipment for high-risk targets in national and local authorities, in industry and commerce as well as for private individuals. Our shatterproof solutions are ideal for protecting premises where threats may occur: foreign embassies, national and local government offices, banks, media companies, VIP residences, military installations, nuclear power plants, etc.

Same protection - less thickness - less weight

Bulletproof or bulletproof glass is available in different thicknesses depending on the level of protection desired. The Hammerglass ballistic glass solution consists of a series of glass panes laminated together with a Hammerglass film. This shatterproof solution is thinner and weighs significantly less than comparable all-glass solutions, which proves a major advantage in many situations - not the least of which is sliding and pivoting doors.

A BR6 NS glazing solution made entirely of glass , is 63 mm thick and weighs almost 160 kg/m². The use of Hammerglass in the package reduces the thickness to 39mm and the weight to 90kg/m². The incorporation of Hammerglass in bulletproof, reinforced stainless steel partitions (security classes FB4 and FB6, EN 1522) offers complete protection against ballistic attacks. Ballistic resistance applies to both the glass and the frame that goes with it.

Classification of bulletproof glass

Bulletproof glass is certified according to the European standard EN 1063. The different levels of protection are indicated by the classes BR1 to BR7, where BR1 is the lowest and BR7 is the highest protection class. The most common protection classes are BR4 and BR6. Hammerglass ballistic glass solutions have been tested by the Beschussamt Ulm in Germany and certified as compliant with protection classes BR4-NS and BR6-NS.

Let us advise you on the planning

Feel free to talk to us in the first planning phase! We offer you complete solutions with tailor-made ballistic steel systems for window and door applications - a comprehensive turnkey solution including confidential risk analysis and security needs assessment. Ballistic glass is not a stock item, but is made to order and made to measure. This means that you should expect a delivery time of around 8 weeks.

Additional information on the product bulletproof glass BR4-NS/BR6-NS - Hammerglass

Supplier: Hammerglass AB

EXR1 3kg 5m 0.75 bar 1.05 bar/ms HmG 12mm
EXR2 3kg 3m 2.3 bar 1.65 bar/ms HmG 12mm
EXR3 12kg 5.5m 1.7 bar 2.25 bar/ms -
EXR4 12kg 4m 3.6 bar 3.00 bar/ms -
EXR5 20kg 4m 6.3 bar 4.20 bar/ms -

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