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Turnstile Dolomit Tandem

Artikelnummer:  64111

Dolomit Tandem turnstile

Particularly suitable for highly frequented, guarded entrances both indoors and outdoors in event halls, museums, swimming pools, leisure facilities and building entrances. The motor-driven double turnstile Dolomit Tandem with its robust and weatherproof housing made of hot-dip galvanized steel and powder-coated lid as well as feet made of stainless steel is suitable for setting up lock batteries at heavily frequented entrances both indoors and outdoors. Card readers can be attached to the housing using an optional reader holder. Dolomit is available as a classic 3-arm turnstile as well as an escape-compatible 2-arm lock or as an open gate for locking only in the event of abuse (see separate product sheet). A large selection of accessories allows adaptation to individual needs.

Properties of the Dolomit Tandem turnstile

  • Expandable card reader
  • Fully assembled delivery
  • One or two-way operation
  • Input direction changeable
  • High throughput
  • Long-lasting quality
  • architecture-friendly housing design
  • Safe separation of people
  • Integrated control
  • Maintenance-free mechanics
  • Passage counting
  • extensive range of accessories

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Supplier : Gotschlich GmbH

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