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Facade counter P 7097

Der Fassadenschalter P 7097 ist für den Einbau in Fassaden und Trennwänden. Einsatzgebiet Fassadenschalter: Innen- oder Aussenbereich.

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Facade counter P 7097

This device was developed for flush installation in facades and partition walls. It is used in porter's lodges, correctional facilities, embassies and customs offices both indoors and outdoors.

Properties of facade switch P 7097

  • Installation: flush with the front, in partition wall or facade
  • External dimensions: width 630 mm, height 165 mm, depth 630 mm
  • Feed size: W x H x D = 330 x 30 x 235 mm

Version of the facade switch P 7097

  • Execution: outer panel and inner covers in RAL 9006 white aluminum, trough stainless steel, housing RAL 9005 black. Other colors or bezels in stainless steel on request.

Shelling class facade switch P 7097

  • Bullet class: FB 4 - NS / FB 6 - NS / FB 7 - NS according to DIN EN 1522

Additional information on the product Facade switch P 7097

Supplier : SITEC GmbH

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