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Motorized walk-through door Ecco extension

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Motorized Ecco walk-through door

For connection to all ECCO turnstiles

Features of the motorized Ecco extension door

  • At the top, extension of the ECCO bridge construction over the width of the door
  • Weather and weather resistant (down to -40 ° C)
  • Passage width 1035 mm
  • Adaptation to individual customer needs
  • Self diagnosis
  • Integrated passage counter
  • Frame made of square tube 40 x 40 mm
  • Filled with vertical bars 30 x 30 mm
  • Side ECCO upright 120 x 120 mm
  • Stock width 1125 mm
  • Clear height 2005 mm
  • Total height including bridge 2252 mm
  • Total width: 1325 mm
  • Passage width: 1035 mm
  • Opening angle: 2x 90 ° (the motorized opening in both directions is unique!)
  • Sensor technology for recognizing people, people in wheelchairs and prams (presence detection).
  • Can be optionally equipped with a hydraulic door closer and various escape door components.
  • Lockable via cylinder optionally possible.
  • Roofing is possible if the door connects to an ECCO single turnstile. The total width of the add-on door is then reduced from 1325 to 1289 mm and the passage width from 1035 to 999 mm.
  • The door leaf filling can be made according to customer requirements (e.g. ESG glass instead of vertical bars).

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