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Safety glass Sicurtec Shield

Dieser Polycarbonat-Acrylglas-Verbund definiert Schutz neu, ideal für extreme Anwendungen. Übertrifft Standards mit hoher Widerstandsfähigkeit und Langlebigkeit, halbiertes Gewicht und No-Spall-Design für minimierte Absplitterung. Durchschlagresistenz bis 16.000 Joule. Die Wahl für höchste Sicherheitsansprüche.

Artikelnummer:  65010

CURTEC SHIELD: The pinnacle of safety technology

CURTEC SHIELD sets new standards in the world of safety glass technology. This multi-layer polycarbonate-acrylic glass composite product provides unmatched protection for a variety of specialty applications. As the ultimate all-round safety glass, CURTEC SHIELD is the first choice for the most demanding areas of application - from plant and machine enclosures to security vehicles to construction, agricultural and forestry machines.

Outstanding features for maximum security

With its exceptional resistance to extreme impacts, CURTEC SHIELD offers security that far exceeds the requirements of common standards. It impresses not only with its 50% lower weight load compared to traditional glass, but also with its exceptional scratch resistance, which guarantees clear vision and a long service life even under the harshest conditions.

Innovation meets performance

CURTEC SHIELD's innovative no-spall design means that the risk of splintering in the event of an impact is virtually eliminated, significantly increasing safety for users and the environment. CURTEC SHIELD far exceeds common industry standards, with elements tested for puncture resistance to over 16,000 joules - twice the highest requirements of EN ISO 23125 for lathes.

Rely on CURTEC SHIELD for unparalleled security

Choose CURTEC SHIELD for your needs for highly secure glazing solutions and benefit from security that goes far beyond conventional standards. CURTEC SHIELD is the ideal solution for anyone who does not compromise when it comes to safety.

Additional information about the Sicurtec Shield safety glass product

Manufacturer: SICURTEC® Laminatglastechnik GmbH

A machine protection screen far above the norm

Sicurtec Shield

SICURTEC® machine protection screens were developed to further push the limits of puncture resistance. The relevant standards for SICURTEC® only serve as a guide. In fact, the relevant values ​​of SICURTEC® products are sometimes significantly above the level specified by standards.

  • EN ISO 23125 (EN 12415 Lathes)
  • EN 12417 (machining centers)
  • EN 13218 (grinders)
  • The standard for lathes EN ISO 23125 ends at 8,000 joules, SICURTEC® builds elements that are tested up to over 16,000 joules.