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Trinity 2 or 3-arm

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Trinity 2 or 3-arm

A product that is particularly suitable for paid access in leisure facilities, attractions, bathroom and toilet facilities in rest stops and restaurants with high visitor frequency, especially when there is a high number of tourists. Pay machine with sturdy housing, mounted directly on a COMPACT turnstile with 3-arm turnstile. In the event of a break in or unauthorized opening of one of the two doors, there is an acoustic alarm and an alarm message.

Material Trinity 2 or 3-arm

Machine and turnstile made of stainless steel V2A.

Equipment machine:

  • Integrated electronic coin validator for accepting 6 types of coins. Entrance price can be parameterized. Including multi-line, graphic color display for operator guidance.
  • For payment transactions with return money. Self-filling 6-fold tube set for mixed coins. Collective cash drawer in the footwell of the turnstile. Optional fill level message when cash drawer is full. Optional thermal receipt printer with cut-off and feed unit.
Turnstile equipment:
  • Motor-driven, integrated LOGITURN control for 2-directional operation and power supply.

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Supplier : Gotschlich GmbH

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