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weatherproof glass

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Weather protection that keeps you dry - and lasts long

Broken glass in weather protection costs a lot of money. With Hammerglass there will be no more broken windows. The cost of replacing toughened glass with Hammerglass pays for itself after just ONE glass change. Switching to Hammerglass is an investment, not a cost. The advantages are far-reaching: no glass breakage, the material's unique nano-treated surface is easy to clean - whether it's graffiti or markers, Hammerglass doesn't burn. Our permanent weather protection solutions can be found in all types of roof solutions, platform canopies, bus shelters, etc.
Complete roof constructions with load-bearing steel structures

In public areas, significantly increased weather protection with solid structures made of load-bearing steel is often required to withstand the strong winds and withstand snow loads. At half the weight of ordinary glass - and 300 times the strength - Hammerglass is therefore perfect for weatherproof roof structures. Platform roofing, bus shelters, roofing of public open spaces - the applications are diverse. Involve us in your considerations right from the start and our designers will help you with strength calculations, fastening solutions and construction drawings.

Hammerglass super-strong transparent bus shelter

The Hammerglass bus shelter offers passengers visibility and protection from wind and rain. The waiting hall has a modular structure and can be adjusted in size as required. Best of all, the Hammerglass Concourse features shatterproof panels 300 times stronger than glass. This means there are no repair costs for glass breakage and replacement.

Combined weather and noise protection

The combination of traditional Hammerglas protective walls with highly absorbent Hammerfoam acoustic panels has proven to be an excellent noise-reducing alternative for weather protection on platforms and in the station area. The noise of the trains leaving the station is effectively dampened, while the solution can be made partially transparent.

Design and installation

Involve us in your considerations as early as the idea phase. Our designers create drawings and make suggestions for functional solutions. We are also happy to provide you with quotations for complete projects: custom-made Hammerglass, posts, fastening systems and assembly.

  • The panels are made to measure after the assembly of the steel structures
  • Ready-made solutions for attachment and assembly
  • Half the weight of regular/tempered glass
  • No broken glass
  • Free view of the surroundings

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