Telecommunication technology via LoRaWan in Moosseedorf

The municipality of Moosseedorf maintains numerous infrastructures, which are constantly monitored. In a community, many systems and infrastructures have to be constantly monitored. Also in Moosseedorf, a Swiss municipality with around 3,500 inhabitants. So far, faults have been recorded directly on the respective system and transmitted to the responsible person via 2G SMS. This technology is out of date and Moosseedorf was looking for a new solution.

Ultimately, the municipality decided on a smart and unique solution on the Switzercloud with LoRaWAN technology. The previous transmission modules were replaced by LoRaWAN® devices. As soon as a system detects a fault, it is sent to the Switzercloud via its own municipality LoRaWAN and processed there. From now on, the escalation manager defined with Moosseedorf comes into play. The Switzercloud can send SMS, make calls with voice messages, acknowledge alarms and much more. Ideally, the system is simply restarted remotely from the Switzercloud and everyone receives a confirmation when everything is working properly again. This may prevent a visit on site.

The system monitors the cooling systems in the lido, levels of wastewater in pumping stations, heating faults in school buildings and faults in wood chip heating.

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