Sicurtec personal and property safety glass

Promising maximum security is one thing; actually being able to offer it is another. But it is precisely this requirement that SICURTEC® safety glasses meet in the area of ​​personal and property protection.

Because, the hand-made and application-specific combinable high-security glass with polycarbonate withstands even attacks that are carried out with the most modern means and maximum hardness, and where armored glass breaks through within seconds.

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  • Safety glass Sicuralarm
    Sicherheitsglas Sicuralarm
  • Safety glass Sicurtec Attack
    Sicherheitsglas  Sicurtec Attack
  • Safety glass Sicurtec Blast
    Sicherheitsglas Sicurtec Blast
  • Safety glass Sicurtec Bullet
    Sicherheitsglas Sicurtec Bullet
  • Safety glass Sicurtec Panic
    Sicherheitsglas  Sicurtec Panic
  • Safety glass Sicurtec Shield
    Sicherheitsglas Sicurtec Shield
  • Safety glass Sicurtec Slim
    Sicherheitsglas Sicurtec Slim