Remote control and monitoring - application in second homes

The shutdown of Swisscom's 2G mobile network in Switzerland will not remain without consequences for existing systems. The usual remote control of heating systems, pumps and other systems is switched off. So new solutions are needed.

At the end of 2020, the 25-year-old 2G mobile technology in Switzerland was switched off by Swisscom. Systems or heating systems can therefore no longer be operated with remote controls using 2G technology. That is why the new remote control devices for industry and building technology from ComatReleco offer 3G and 4G connectivity in addition to 2G.

A SIM card is already integrated and selects the best possible cellular network for the device at the place of use all over the world. Programming and configuration also work remotely. The remote control relay complies with the current standard, is easy to use in the cloud and SMS technology area and ensures secure communication. The current status of the inputs and outputs can be monitored using the web browser or the app. Alarm messages are sent out via push message, email or SMS. The IoT platform is operated by ComatReleco.

Holiday apartment in Valais

The Müller family from Rheinfelden has a holiday apartment in Valais. Until now, they could switch the heating to present or absent via SMS with the conventional 2G system. In order to be able to control the heating remotely with the new radio technology, they opted for the new 4G system CMS-10R from ComatReleco. The integration of the software was carried out by Intech-ICS AG and programmed in a customer-specific manner. “We were able to import the existing configuration file in a few simple steps,” says the father, Manfred Müller. Now the Müller family controls the heating via app. This also offers functions such as live parameter monitoring. In the IoT portal, the values ​​of the inputs and outputs can be continuously monitored or changed.

Access for several people

Thanks to separate access, several users can access and control the same device via the app. The Müllers have set up two accounts, one for the parents and one for the adult daughter. "If I want to spontaneously spend a weekend in our holiday home in winter, I can turn on the heating before I leave," says daughter Yasmine Müller.

Various parameter applications can be monitored with the remote control. The heating in the holiday apartment in Valais is monitored so that any malfunctions can be detected early and consequential damage can be avoided. The rainwater tank is now also monitored using water level sensors. The sensors report a high or low level in the tank. If the water level is low, the pump is deactivated by the device itself through internal programming. When the water level has risen again, the device reactivates the pump. This means that automatic watering can be controlled more easily and more precisely in summer - and the Müller family not only saves heating costs with the new remote control device, but also protects the environment.

This way to the product CMS-10R.

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