INTECH-ICS AG will take over the business of Fuchs Technik Schweiz GmbH on May 1, 2021

In recent years, Fuchs Technik Schweiz has specialized in equipping cloakroom facilities, lockers and depot systems. As a result of the succession plan for Fuchs Technik Schweiz, the two companies started talking. Like Fuchs Technik Schweiz, INTECH-ICS is based in Wallenwil and has known each other for years.

INTECH-ICS will take over all products, customers and suppliers from Fuchs Technik Schweiz on May 1st, 2021.

With the new, internationally established suppliers, INTECH-ICS is preparing for a strong future in the field of cloakroom facilities and depot systems.

The well-known good customer service from Fuchs Technik Schweiz will of course be continued by INTECH-ICS.

The additional portfolio gives our customers a greater choice and lets them choose between different systems. With the new products, INTECH-ICS, which has established itself on the market with electronic and intelligent lockers, package pick-up stations, cool lockers and service boxes, can now respond even better to customer needs and act more flexibly in the market.

To the special cabinets for fire and rescue services

To the cloakroom lockers

To the furniture for sports facilities

To the cloakroom benches

To the key cabinets

To the workbenches

To the shelves

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