Burglary protection

If the deterrent, for example an alarm system, no longer helps, the perpetrators have to be stopped in some other way. Thanks to a high level of know-how, experience and precision, our products are specially manufactured for various areas of application and requirements. This ensures that we cover your needs and those of your customers and that we can make a significant contribution to protection.
ACT LVDT displacement transducer
DCV Series Isolated 0 to 10V Output Displacement Transducer
DCW Submersible DC to DC LVDT Displacement Transducer
DCC Series 4-20mA 2-wire Output Displacement Transducer
GT Precision LVDT Gauging Transducer
E725 - For Strain Gauge And LVDT Transducers
ACW Submersible LVDT Displacement Transducer