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Explosion-proof glasses EXR1 / EXR2

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EXR1 / EXR2 explosion-proof glasses - Hammerglass

With the increasing threat and risk of attacks and explosions in densely populated urban areas, the need for advanced safety glass for windows, doors and glass partitions increases. In sensitive urban locations, such as government buildings, embassies, banks and the like, Hammerglass offers highly effective protection that will not shatter or shatter in an explosion. In addition, the entire solution is thinner and weighs significantly less than comparable solutions based on regular glass. In addition to explosion protection, the system also offers effective barrier protection against burglary.

Explosion-tested safety glass

In the event of a powerful explosion, conventional panes of glass shatter even at a great distance from the explosion, often resulting in serious splinter injuries. In objects that are in close proximity to the explosion, even shatterproof windows are crushed, although they are made of toughened or laminated glass. Hammerglass' explosion-proof solutions hold the panes firmly in place, even in the event of a powerful explosion.

Hammerglass panes have been subjected to a series of tests in accordance with EN 13124-2. A series of explosions were carried out at different distances from the Hammerglass disk. It was demonstrated that 12mm Hammerglass panes withstand the blast generated by the explosion of 3kg of TNT at a distance of 3 metres.

Unique shatterproof lightweight solution

Explosion protection panels are available in various configurations and thicknesses depending on the level of protection required. The Hammerglass explosion protection solution, consisting of a 12mm thick Hammerglass glass pane mounted in a strong steel frame, is compatible with the building facade. The steel frame keeps the entire package in place even in the event of a powerful explosion. This shatterproof solution is thinner and weighs significantly less than comparable solutions based on regular glass.

Protects people and property

More and more shops in sensitive urban locations are opting for Hammerglass in steel profiles for their shop windows. Our system offers effective barrier protection against break-ins. At the same time, it offers explosion protection without the risk of splintering and significantly higher safety for the staff working in the shop. The installation does not cause any visible damage to existing shop windows.

  • Hammer glass glazing mounted in a sturdy steel frame
  • Explosion-tested safety glass
  • Unique shatterproof lightweight solutions
  • Protects against explosions, burglary and vandalism
  • The installation will not cause any visible damage to existing windows
  • Confidential risk analysis and security needs assessment

Assessment based on the threat situation

We help to evaluate the facade requirements based on the threat situation. Based on the basic data of the existing windows and doors, we make a proposal for an appropriate level of protection. We can offer you complete solutions with tailor-made steel systems for window and door applications - a comprehensive turnkey solution including confidential risk analysis and security needs analysis. All Hammerglass glazing is laser marked with our logo and production number, ensuring traceability for internal quality assurance and security in the event of warranty issues.

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Supplier: Hammerglass AB

EXR1 3kg 5m 0.75 bar 1.05 bar/ms HmG 12mm
EXR2 3kg 3m 2.3 bar 1.65 bar/ms HmG 12mm
EXR3 12kg 5.5m 1.7 bar 2.25 bar/ms -
EXR4 12kg 4m 3.6 bar 3.00 bar/ms -
EXR5 20kg 4m 6.3 bar 4.20 bar/ms -

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