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Table-top lock P 9000

Diese Auftischschleuse P 9000 ist für den Innenbereich mit 2 wechselseitig öffnenden Drehtüren. Die Auftischschleuse ist u.a. für den Einbau in eine Theke.

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Table-top lock P 9000

This sluice is used to transfer large amounts of money, parcels or suitcases and is mainly used by state central and major banks as well as in data centers. The lock is mounted on the existing counter - it is equipped with two armored glass lifting windows that open upwards on each other. The windows are driven electrically. A safety circuit eliminates the risk of injury and damage - the lifting discs are provided with appropriate protective strips.

Properties of the tabletop lock P 9000

  • Installation: Installation on a counter indoors
  • External dimensions: W 1460 mm, D 954 mm, H 1950 mm
  • Port size: W 1200 mm, D 640 mm, H 840 mm

Version of the tabletop lock P 9000

  • Execution: according to customer requirements

Decision class table lock P 9000

  • Shelling class: UVV-Kassen, up to FB 7

Additional information on the product table lock P 9000

Supplier : SITEC GmbH

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