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Safety glass for railings

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Safety glass for railings - Hammerglass

The combination of transparency and safety makes Hammerglass an attractive alternative for railing solutions on terraces, balconies and stairs. Additionally, the replacement of old sheet metal balcony fronts with Hammerglass makes for a safer environment and the change also offers a real facelift to the property. Hammerglass sheets are supplied in a clear or opalescent finish, but can be ordered in other colors for larger projects. Hammerglass offers shatterproof, impenetrable lightweight solutions that meet child safety requirements as no openings larger than 100mm are required.

New balcony fronts, fall protection for the stairs/stands, wind protection for the terrace/outdoor seating area - or just a stylish setting? Hammerglass balustrade solutions fit in public spaces as well as in your villa, and the benefits are many!

  • The replacement of old balcony fronts, wooden structures and rickety railings increases the value of the property
  • The glass railing around the outdoor seating area of ​​a restaurant stays in place - without glass breakage - even on Sunday morning
  • Unbreakable glass in front of the grandstand protects against falls and keeps spectators safe
  • The terrace railing solution offers both wind protection and a clear view of the surroundings
  • Beveled edges and rounded corners minimize the risk of cut injuries
  • Splinter-free and non-climbable lightweight construction that meets child safety requirements, as no openings larger than 100 mm are required

Tempered glass, laminated glass or Hammerglass?

We manufacture panels of various sizes, shapes and colors to best suit your project. Choose between clear Hammerglass panels and an unobstructed view of the surroundings or an opal design for increased privacy. Toughened glass, laminated glass or Hammerglass? Hammerglass has many advantages:

  • Half the weight of traditional glass
  • Unbreakable and shatterproof
  • Individually manufactured discs that are made to measure
  • Can be crafted in any shape
  • Flexible fastening systems
  • Clear, opal or tinted lenses
  • Screen printing of logos or all-over patterns
  • Option for 4-color photo printing

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