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Pass-through trough Payment trough model 12

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Receipt recess, payment recess model 12

The pass-through trough model 12 is a receipt trough, payment trough for the transfer of receipts, documents and rolls of money in bullet class M3 / FB4. Recently also optionally available for an extra charge in bullet class FB6 or FB7 with certificate.

Characteristics of the receipt tray and payment tray model 12

  • Receipt tray and payment tray for handing over files up to DIN A4 and rolls of money up to 30 mm in diameter,
  • Suitable for indoor use,
  • Bullet class M3 / FB4 with certificate,
  • fulfills the UVV-Kassen regulations

Execution of transfer trough payment trough model 12

  • Trough made of special material coated in black-brown,
  • Frame made of 1 mm brushed stainless steel,
  • Sheet metal parts manufactured with a precision laser cutting system

Additional information on the product pass-through trough, payment trough model 12

Options : Customer requests can be taken into account (technical feasibility reserved).

Documents about the product transfer tray payment tray model 12

Please ask us for the data sheet.