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AXXES biometric security gate

Diese Biometrische Personenschleuse AXXES gewährleistet den kontrollierten Zugang in Bereiche, die der ständigen Gefahr ausgesetzt sind.

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Biometric security gate AXXES

Area of ​​application: Security areas with clearly defined, authorized user groups. Example: Checkout area of ​​small bank branches / access to computer centers / access to money and valuables processing, control centers and archives in industry

Properties biometric security gate AXXES

  • Standard: External or internal door in burglar-resistant version WK3, isolation, biometrics
  • Optional: bullet resistance FB 4 / BR4-NS / interior and exterior door burglar-resistant WK 3
  • Installation: indoors, in masonry or partition wall / installation on finished floor possible
  • Special feature: control fully integrated inside the lock, no external control cabinet or PC required; Installation of a hatch (optional) as an emergency cash register possible
  • External dimensions: W x D X H = 990 x 990 x 2,105 mm

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Supplier: SITEC GmbH

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