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unbreakable glass for public transport waiting room

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unbreakable glass for public transport bus shelter - Hammerglass

Every year the bus companies have to spend huge sums of money to repair broken bus shelters - completely unnecessarily. Taxpayers' money that could be used for innovation, security and the common good. Hammerglass has developed a new generation of bus shelters with an elegant design that can withstand heavy impact. And we mean heavy hitting! This is how we win the fight against the saboteurs. Expensive you say? Not at all, we reply. The cost of replacing ordinary tempered glass with Hammerglass will pay for itself in ONE change.

We proudly present the Hammerglass Concourse!

The Hammerglass concourse stands solid and blends in with its surroundings, keeping the passenger in sight and sheltered from wind and rain - and anyone who tries to break the glass will quickly give up. Because it's just not possible.

The waiting room has a modular structure and can be adjusted in size as required - it can even be as long as you like. The bus shelter is supplied as a kit and can also be supplied with its own concrete base. The main difference is that a Hammerglass Bus Shelter has unbreakable windows made of Hammerglass or UWSB (Unbreakable Weather Shelter Basic). Both alternatives are 300 times stronger than glass and there are no repair costs for glass breakage and replacement. The entire canopy is designed for durability and reduced maintenance costs.

Construction and installation

  • Modular system - Unlimited length
  • Hammerglass is 300 times stronger than glass - no glass breakage
  • Half the weight of glass - no unnecessary heavy lifting
  • The disks cannot be kicked out - the Hammerglass disks stay where they are!
  • Hammerglass' unique nano-treated surface is very easy to clean - if graffiti, markings or other contamination occurs, most known cleaning agents can be used to remove it
  • Hammerglass does not burn - In contrast to acrylic/plexiglass, the plates are self-extinguishing
  • Available with or without concrete base

How much does all this cost?

Hammerglass is slightly more expensive than ordinary glass, but in return does not have to be replaced with broken glass or graffiti. Considered over the life cycle of the shelter, Hammerglass is an extremely profitable investment. If you're looking for a shatterproof alternative, choose UWSB (Unbreakable Weather Shelter Basic) panels, which are cheaper but don't have Hammerglass' special coating.

In case of scratches

Is Hammerglass prone to scratches? Both regular glass and Hammerglass can be scratched, but despite its hard coating, Hammerglass is a softer base material than glass. To further reduce the effects of scratches, we designed the shelter as a multi-segment system, meaning you only need to replace smaller pieces of panel rather than the entire sidewall. We also offer criss-cross patterned panels that effectively hide scratches.

  • Modular system - Replace only the damaged panel
  • Pre-printed pattern hides scratches

Replacement panels for damaged bus shelters

It is entirely possible to keep existing bus shelters and have us install Hammerglass replacement panels. Hammerglass sheets are flexible and can be shaped to fit curved profiles, such as roof constructions.

Replacing broken glass is the most expensive.By using Hammerglass in problem areas, glass breakage is a thing of the past and maintenance costs are minimized. This is the first step towards a healthier economy and a sustainable solution for the common good. And that's the point.

"We save more than 10,000 EUR per month"

In a pilot project in Stockholm, around 20 bus shelters were equipped with unbreakable Hammerglas.

"We selected the shelters that were the most vandalized and where the glass had to be replaced every two weeks. Since installing the Hammerglass panes, we haven't had to replace a single glass! We're assuming We can say that we have saved more than EUR 10,000 per month at these 20 bus stops alone - truly unimaginable numbers."

Nobina will now continue to replace glass with Hammerglass panels in their bus shelters:

" It is much more pleasant for employees to wipe away graffiti than to walk around in broken glass with heavy plates.Besides the work environment and finances, there is a third factor that is at least as important, and that is that our customers arrive in a clean, undamaged concourse We can wait for the bus. We are definitely very satisfied and would like to invite other transport companies to see us for themselves." (Andreas Mehlqvist, Nobina)

Bring Hammerglass into your discussions!

Our designers can help with drawings and suggestions for functional solutions. We're happy to set up demonstration panels at a heavily discounted price to test Hammerglass wherever it's needed.

Decorate with a variety of prints and colors

Sometimes standard glass is not enough, you just want "that little something extra". With HammerART, hammer glass panes can be provided with specially developed prints that offer unlimited possibilities for an individual design.

For bus shelters, we particularly recommend screen printing. For example, hammered glass plates can be provided with municipal coats of arms or close-fitting patterns in different colors. Digital printing of photos and artistic motifs is also possible, but places somewhat higher demands on the attachment and encapsulation of the print.

For larger plate series, there is the possibility of producing color-impregnated hammer glass.

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