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Wagon lock P 9045

Diese Wagenschleuse P 9045 ist für den Innenbereich mit 2 wechselseitig öffnenden Drehtüren. Die Wagenschleuse ist u.a. für den Einbau in eine Theke.

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Car lock P 9045

This sluice for indoor use with 2 revolving doors that open alternately is intended for installation in a counter or a plastered wall opening. The doors of the container lock are secured against each other with feedback and hidden magnetic contacts. The P 9045 is used for the transfer of valuables containers or cash carts in large and central banks, banks, savings banks, cash-in-transit companies and data centers.

Properties P 9045 car lock

  • Installation: inside in counter or wall
  • Wall opening: W x H x D = 840 x 978 x 992 mm
  • Announcement size: W x H x D = 680 x 928 x 900 mm

Version of car lock P 9045

  • Infeed: Frame and doors with textured finish, RAL 9005, deep black; Tunnel and fenders in V2a stainless steel

Fire class car lock P 9045

  • Fire class: Doors based on FB 4 - NS and FB 6 - NS

Additional information on the product car lock P 9045

Supplier: SITEC GmbH