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Swivel and hinged hatch P 7049

Diese äusserst flach gehaltene Dreh-Klappdurchreiche P 7049 wurde für den Einbau in Türen und in Trennwände entwickelt. Einsatzgebiet: Banken, Behörden,…

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Swivel and hinged hatch P 7049

This extremely flat hatch was developed for installation in doors and partition walls. It is mainly used in banks, authorities and administration and optimizes work processes. Money and receipts can be passed on via the hatch. The pass-through height of 29 mm is sufficient even for euro coin rolls. When installing the hinged hatch, e.g. in a security gate, the employee no longer has to leave the secured area to accept money or documents. After the valuables have been handed over, the hatch is closed again.

Features of the hinged hatch P 7049

  • Installation: in doors and interior partitions
  • External dimensions: W x H x D = 420 x 280 x 44 mm with the flap closed (D = 224 mm with the flap open)
  • Installation dimensions: W x H = 395 x 255 mm
  • Feed size: W x H = 330 x 29 mm

Version with hinged hatch P 7049

  • Version: stainless steel

Additional information about the product hinged hatch P 7049

Supplier : SITEC GmbH