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Rotating hatch P7048

Die Dreh-Klappdurchreiche P 7048 aus Edelstahl zum Einbau in Trennwände und Türen. Die Dreh-Klappdurchreiche P 7048 ist äusserst flach.

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Artikelnummer:  66000-100575

Rotating hatch P7048

Rotating hatch made of stainless steel for installation in partitions and doors, 60.5 mm, material: stainless steel

This extremely flat hatch was specially developed for installation in doors.

It is primarily used in banks, authorities and administration and optimizes work processes. Money and receipts can be handed over via the hatch. The transmission height is 24 mm.

With a built-in rotary hatch, e.g. in the outer door of a security lock, the employee no longer has to leave the secured area to receive money or documents. After the valuables have been handed over, the hatch is closed again.

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Supplier: SITEC GmbH