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E746H in-line signal amplifier

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E746H in-line signal amplifier

The amplifiers of the E74 series are designed in such a way that they can be built into the cable of every LVDT of the RDP Industrial series at the factory. They convert the LVDT into a DC voltage output. Many LVDT transducers in our warehouse are standard compatible with the E74 series, which means that in many cases we can quickly deliver DC-to-DC transducers.

Use these Do not use products as safety, emergency stop, or feedback devices in applications where failure of this product could result in equipment damage, personal injury or death.

Additional information about the product E746H In-Line signal amplifier

Supplier : RDP Electronics Ltd

Supply voltage (dual) ± 12V to ± 20V 30mA
Supply voltage (simple, must be potential-free) 24V to 40V 30mA
Change of output when changing supply voltage 5mV / V
Output 1 0V to 10V (+ 0% - 5%)
Exit 2 ± 5V (+ 0% - 5%)
Output ripple 30mV (peak-peak)
Bandwidth of the analog output 200Hz
output impedance 2 ohms
Temperature coefficient (range) ± 0.03% F.S. / ° C (typical)
Operating temperature range -20 ° C to 70 ° C
Electrical connection 2m (integrated cable) longer available to order.

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