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Ecco 120 BE XXL

Artikelnummer:  64180

Ecco 120 BE XXL

Particularly suitable for exits in the outside area, for barrier-free exits, for large numbers of people as well as for carrying bulky objects and with high demands on mechanical strength. The head-high portal turnstile ECCO 120 BE-XXL, mechanical, with rotor, deflector rake, blocking and guide elements, as well as posts made of stainless steel V2A, brushed and provided with additional acid protection. Hot-dip galvanized steel bridge. Bridge and cover powder-coated in RAL 9006. ECCO 120 BE-XXL is a mechanical, head-high exit turnstile, barrier-free, for large numbers of people and for carrying bulky objects; Suitable for bicycles and prams. 120-pitch rotor, arched locking elements, diameter 3000 mm. Mechanical gearbox with freewheel in one direction and lock in the opposite direction.

Properties of the Ecco 120 BE XXL

  • Architecture-friendly transparency
  • Easy assembly
  • Vandalism-proof
  • Installation company
  • Long-lasting quality
  • Maintenance-free mechanics

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Supplier : Gotschlich GmbH

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