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Ecco 120 BF / BFB

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Ecco 120 BF / BFB

Especially suitable for outdoor entrances in factory security. The bicycle part is protected against unauthorized passage of people. The motor-driven head-high portal turnstile Ecco 120 BF allows passers-by to take bicycles or surfboards with them. A safety device prevents people from slipping over the bicycle part. Ecco 120 BF is particularly suitable for outdoor plant security areas as well as for stadiums, leisure facilities and transitions from garages to buildings. Ecco 120 BB is suitable for one-way or two-way operation and, thanks to the 120° division, offers a high level of convenience with good separation.

Features Ecco 120 BF / BFB

  • Protected bicycle part
  • Easy assembly
  • Vandalism-proof
  • One or two-way operation
  • Input direction changeable
  • Long-lasting quality
  • Integrated controller
  • Maintenance-free mechanics
  • easily accessible electronics
  • Pass count

Additional information about the product Ecco 120 BF / BFB

Supplier: Gotschlich GmbH

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