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Ecco 120 BFT

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Ecco 120 BFT

Particularly suitable for outdoor access in plant security.

The motorized head-high portal turnstile Ecco 120 BFT allows passage for people in wheelchairs, with prams or bulky luggage. Ecco 120 BFT is particularly suitable for outdoor plant security as well as for stadiums, leisure facilities and transitions from garages to buildings.

Ecco 120 BFT is suitable for unidirectional or bidirectional operation and, thanks to the 120 ° division, offers a high level of convenience with good separation.

Properties of the Ecco 120 BFT

• Additional motorized revolving door
• Simple installation
• Vandalism-proof
• One or two-way operation
• Entrance direction can be changed
• Long-lasting quality
• Integrated control
• Maintenance-free mechanics
• Easily accessible electronics
• Passage counting

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Supplier : Gotschlich GmbH

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