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Electronic locks from Gantner

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Electronic locks from Gantner

A smart closet is more than just a closet.

Many industries rely on the future-proof locking system from GANTNER. These include hospitals, universities, leisure facilities and retailers. GANTNER has the right solution for every need and every size of company - from battery-operated to networked locking systems. Thanks to decades of intensive research and development, the electronic locking systems from GANTNER are unbeatably secure, reliable, multifunctional and future-oriented. We make managing your lockers as easy as possible for you.

Properties of electronic locks from Gantner

Suitable for all cabinet door materials

Our electronic locking systems are specially designed for installation with all types of lockers.

The innovative locking systems from GANTNER are used in many industries, including hospitals, universities, business and leisure facilities. From battery-operated to networked locking systems, GANTNER certainly has a suitable solution for numerous applications. After decades of intensive research and development, GANTNER guarantees a safe, reliable and future-proof locking system that will make your locker management easier.

With an intelligent locker you have many more options and working with locker manufacturers opens up many possibilities.

Electronically secured cabinet systems enable interior designers and architects to create spaces that reflect the aesthetics of the customer. We work with local cabinet manufacturers so that you can actually choose your preferred cabinet design.

Networked cabinets are open to all design requirements and allow your employees to charge personal mobile devices directly in the cabinet. Separate connections are not required for this, the locks serve as a connection.

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