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Façade car switch P 7091

Der elektrisch bedienbare Fassadenschalter und Autoschalter P 7091 wurde speziell für Tankstellen entwickelt. Einsatzgebiet Fassadenschalter: Banken Apotheken

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Facade car switch P 7091

This electrically operated device was specially developed for gas stations, but it can also be used as a car counter at banks, pharmacies and weighing stations. The design of the facade switch allows it to be installed under the inner worktop. The transport trolley moves out from under the tabletop to the cash register side, no operating opening is required from above - this way this space remains free for operating devices, keyboards, cash registers, etc. Larger objects, such as petrol/oil canisters, can also be passed through in the transport trolley.

Properties facade auto switch P 7091

  • Installation: flush with the front, in the wall or facade, below the inner table top, so no service opening is required from above and the space remains free for e.g. other control devices or cash registers
  • Wall opening: W x H x D = 810 x 245 x 1,012 mm
  • Announcement size: W x H x D = 310 x 140 x 325 mm

Version of facade automatic switch P 7091

  • Version: front panel stainless steel V2a; inner, visible parts in RAL 9005 black

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Supplier: SITEC GmbH