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Anti-vandal railings and fall protection

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Anti-vandal railings and fall protection - Hammerglass

Hammerglass' multifunctional balustrade solutions provide a transparent and attractive barrier for effective wind and noise protection. Our systems are used as safety barriers at bus stations and arenas, as fall protection on grandstands and walls, and as railings for stairs and balconies. We custom design the mullions and fixtures to ensure secure installation of shatterproof, shatterproof glazing solutions. .

Options that endure

With a strength 300 times greater than glass and half the weight of glass, Hammerglass is an attractive alternative for public spaces.

  • The banister on the way down to the platform is still intact after the weekend - no broken glass
  • Unbreakable glass in the kindergarten's outdoor play area ensures children's safety and reduces traffic noise while providing an unobstructed view of the surroundings
  • Beveled edges and rounded corners on the stand guard minimize the risk of cut injuries
  • Graffiti on the transparent windbreak of the sports restaurant can be easily removed

The importance of shatterproof guardrails

It's five o'clock and many people have finished work - office workers, school children, mothers with prams - they are all on their way home. There is a crowd at the bus stop - then the bus comes.

Shatterproof railing solutions made of Hammerglas form an effective barrier between travelers and incoming buses at the bus station. When things go wrong, a balustrade that doesn't scatter broken glass can be crucial. Our safety rails are supplied with fixed or opening parts. Panels are mounted to existing balustrade construction, to a Hammerglass post system or with project specific fastening solutions.

Unbreakable glass in stairwells

The stairs to the schoolyard, railway station and public open spaces are vulnerable to vandalism. With Hammerglass instead of glass in the parapet panels, it's less fun for vandals because the glass just won't break.

Hammerglass eliminates the embarrassment of broken glass after vandal acts, the high cost of cleaning up and replacing heavy and difficult-to-handle panes of glass. The panels are mounted to existing railing construction, to a Hammerglass post system or with project specific mounting solutions. Mounting the handrails directly into the Hammerglass panes works very well.

Fall protection for arenas and grandstands

The home team scores goals, the crowd cheers, the pressure in the stands increases. When many people are gathered in a small space, the risk of accidents increases. Using Hammerglass in spectator protection instead of laminated or tempered glass reduces this risk.

Our shatterproof solutions can be installed in most public arenas (here in the Swedish National Arena). The discs are manufactured with rounded corners and beveled edges to avoid the risk of cut injuries. Mounts to existing balustrade structure, to a Hammerglass post system or with specially designed mounting solutions.

Noise protection walls as fall protection...

The Hammerglass system for noise barriers can also be used as transparent protection around playgrounds or downtown skate parks. Ideal for crèches, kindergartens or schools in busy urban areas. Efficient noise reduction combined with an unobstructed view contributes to a good outdoor environment for adults and children of all ages.

Our designers help with drawings and offer suggestions for functional solutions. We are happy to offer you complete projects: bespoke hammer glass, posts, fastening systems and assembly.

... and the windbreak, which is a noise barrier

Peace and quiet on the roof terrace, the café terrace, while waiting for the train.

  • Noise-free environment even in busy areas
  • Protected from cold drafts and strong gusts of wind
  • Screen printing ensures privacy

Artistic prints, colors and flashes

Hammerglass is normally supplied as clear or opal sheets. For larger series, however, there is the possibility of producing colored impregnated hammer glass. Hammer glass panels can also be screen printed or four color photographic printed to create a vibrant and attractive street environment.

A printed or color impregnated hammer glass panel with strategically placed LED lighting creates a striking effect that creates an attractive point of light forms in the night darkness.

Check out the HammerART tab for more artistic possibilities!

Design and Installation

Involve us in your considerations as early as the idea phase. Our designers will help you with drawings and make suggestions for functional solutions. We are also happy to provide you with quotations for complete projects: custom-made Hammerglass, posts, fastening systems and assembly.

  • The panels are custom made after installing a post system or similar.
  • Ready-to-use solutions for fastening and assembly
  • Half the weight of glass
  • 300 times stronger than glass
  • No broken glass
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Unobstructed view of the surroundings

Additional information on the product Vandal Resistant Railing and Fall Protection - Hammerglass

Supplier: Hammerglass AB


Hammerglass has undergone a long series of tests to ensure the material's strength and performance meets all burglary, ballistic and blast protection requirements. Hammerglass AB is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certified as well as PPAP for the automotive industry.

Intrusion protection

Hammerglass is certified according to the European standard EN 356 with security class P8B, which corresponds to the highest protection class for security grilles and roller shutters. To qualify for this protection class, the material must withstand 70 ax blows. It is worth noting that when the test was completed, after 72 strokes, the ax still had not punched a hole in the Hammerglass sheet.


Bulletproof glass is certified according to the European standard EN 1063. The different levels of protection are indicated by the classes BR1 to BR7, where BR1 is the lowest and BR7 is the highest protection class. The most common protection classes are BR4 and BR6. Hammerglass Ballistic Protection has been tested by the Beschussamt Ulm in Germany and certified with protection classes BR4-NS and BR6-NS (No Splinter).


A series of tests on Hammerglass panels has been carried out in accordance with EN 13124-2 at SP (Technical Research Institute of Sweden) in Borås. Hammerglass panels in different formats were mounted in different steel frames. Then seven explosions were carried out from a distance of 3 and 5 meters respectively. As a result, 12 mm Hammerglass panels were found to withstand the blast generated by detonating 3 kg of TNT from a distance of 3 meters.

P2A Smash and Grab Dropped metal sphere, 3 m height, x3 SafeCoat 12 Mil
P3A Vandalism/Smash and Grab Dropped metal sphere, 6 m height, x3 Hammerglass 4mm - 4.8kg/m2
P4A Vandalism/Smash and Grab Dropped metal sphere, 9 m height, x3 Hammerglass 4mm - 4.8kg/m2
P5A Vandalism/Smash and Grab Dropped metal sphere, 9 m height, x9 Hammerglass 6mm - 7.2kg/m2
P6B Break ins 30 ax blows Hammerglass 6mm - 7.2kg/m2
P7B Break ins 50 ax blows Hammerglass 6mm - 7.2kg/m2
P8B Break ins 70 ax blows Hammerglass 8mm - 9.6kg/m2
P8B Break ins 70 ax blows HMG INSULATE 6mm (HG06-12-4.41)
BR1-NS Bullet resistance Handgun
Rifle .22Long
HMG RABS 12mm + 4mm ScreenSaver screen
BR4-NS Bullet resistance Handgun .357 Magnum HMG BR4NS 23mm - 54kg/m2
BR6-NS Bullet resistance Handgun 7.62x51mm HMG BR6NS 39mm - 90kg/m2
EXR1 Explosion 3kg TNT at 5m distance Hammerglass 12mm - 14.4kg/m2
EXR2 Explosion 3 kg TNT at 3 m distance Hammerglass 12mm - 14.4kg/m2

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